From the recording As Eden Lay In Darkness

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A song about staying true to our dreams. We can all recall times when a schoolteacher or a relative gave us a word of encouragement and we were elated by it. It’s so important.

I dedicated this song to Maureen Healey for not letting go of her dream and making it all the way to the Arctic Circle and also to Karen & Hugh Green for their love, friendship and their constant support of this song.


Vocals: Tom Fairnie
Harmony: Jane Fairnie, Karen Dietz & Bernard Brogue
Guitar: Tom Fairnie
2nd guitar: Bernard Brogue
Double bass: Ken Kennedy


Don’t Wish Your Dreams Away

I wonder why an ancient star
Should die for us
Sacrifice its self
So we can make our wish
I wish that every star crossed lover
In this world
Could see that star
And share in its fall
And I know that every wish can’t come true
But I know the one that did led me to you
Led me to you

They say every prayer is answered
And it might be so
And even the smallest voice is heard
Above the roar
Of the words from a million lonely
Heart’s desires
Whispered into the ear
Of one who cares
And I know every prayer can’t be heard
But I know one that was led me to her
Led me to her

So don’t wish your dreams away
Hold on to yesterday
Don’t wish your dreams away
Don’t wish your dreams away
Let the child come out to play
Don’t wish your dreams away, dreams away

If we hold the child in our hearts
As we grow old
We might believe all the things
That we’ve been told
We’d believe in fairy tales and magic spells
And we just might
Believe in our selves
And I know there’s more than we can see
I’m so glad you saw the child in me
The child in me

So don’t wish your dreams away...

They say we all get one chance
In this life
A chance to make a mistake
A chance to put it right
But sometimes fate has got its
Mind made up
There are things we are never going to stop
And I know if it was all meant to be
I’d still wonder, would you still wish for me
Wish for me

So don’t wish your dreams away...

© Don’t Wish Your Dreams Away music by Tom Fairnie words by Tom Fairnie & Bob Shields 12/11/02

A child paints the day -
Flowers climbing a purple hillside
Three legged people toppling
Into the indigo splash that is the sky
And the sun
Fluttering her eyelashes
Is casually smudged into place -
It is summer.

Amy © Bob Shields