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contact and bookings

If you want to contact me about a gig or if you have any good contacts that might help myself and other similar performers get a gig then please feel free to email me at or here at

gigs and events

Upcoming gigs include the Scottish Bird Fair at Hopetoun House on 11th May 2013 and an Edinburgh Festival Fringe concert at St Cecilia's Hall on 17th August 2013 (more info on this later)

I've really neglected keeping this page up to date but will try to do better. In the last couple of years I haven't committed myself to very much in the way of gigs so that I can concentrate on producing the new CDs.

I have an upcoming gig at The Phoenix Bar in Broughton Street and a Festival spot in the same venue later this year.

I also have a solo gig coming up in The St Bride's Art Centre during the Fringe so I am particularly looking forward to it.

There's also the issue of the CD launch, which is still in the lap of the Gods but will be, for me , a very special event.

Mark Barnett, Simon Kempston and I decided to start Foakies up again last year so I'm back performing at The Royal Oak on the first Monday of the month every month except August and January. I should say that I tend to enjoy kicking things off at Foakies so if you want to catch me doing a few songs you need to get there for 8pm. It's always a great night and I would really recommend it.

I did a gig at The Lot in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh in 2009 but apart from that it was a fairly quiet year.

Pre 2007:
Saturday 15th April: I participated in a Folkathon in The Royal Oak. It went well and I enjoyed it. I think the audience liked it because she bought me a pint of IPA afterwards.

Monday 17th April: I helped judge The Royal Oak’s singer songwriter competition. We ended up with a pretty clear winner, which was a song called The Ballad Of Dave Watson, written and sung by Jack Foster and Tom Harland. There were a number of other outstanding songs that could all have been a close second including The Regulars' Love Song, which was actually placed second, Dust by Colin Donati, One Hell Of A Ride by David Ferrard, The Waves Of Yearning by Kevin Gore and Speak Easy by Frank Burkitt. To be honest, it was really difficult to select a winning song, especially when you hear so many good ones and I know that on any other day I might just as well have chosen one of the runners-up and been equally satisfied that it was right.  I would admit to having my own personal favourite but I tried to be very objective and use my judgement on the night rather than simply follow my natural instinct although I know that I'd probably get it wrong whichever way I did it.  It was, nevertheless, an interesting experience. My apologies to all of those songwriters who didn't win. 

Wednesday 26th April: We got along to the regular (last Wednesday of the month) poetry reading in The Dalriada on the promenade at Portobello. It was very stimulating and they're a nice group of people.

Tuesday 2nd May: Our regular Foakies evening at The Royal Oak was utterly fantastic. I sat for the greater part of the time wondering how much more blissfull I could feel. Mark Rafferty and Andrea Tomlinson were superb. I couldn't fault them...unless it was to say that I wish they could have stayed longer at the end when we had an impromptu singaround. If they don't make it big there's something seriously wrong with the music scene in Scotland. Weegie poet Rob Cairns was exhilarating, very funny and his material so well observed that it just couldn't have been better. I don't think there was a word out of place nor one that could have been improved upon...just superb. Mike Dillon played the opening spot, which was a real bonus. I enjoyed watching the faces of those people in the crowd who have never had the opportunity to hear him play before as they started to get an inkling of his tremendous talent for wordplay, songwriting and performing. If you didn't believe me when I said it was going to be another special Foakies evening you were was magical.  Even the singaround afterwards was great. We dedicated it to young Frank the barman, who, apart from being a really nice guy and very helpful is yet another musician. Ken Kennedy and Bob Shields were in the audience and it made the talent on display in the singaround even more daunting.Take my word for it. You missed a fantastic evening. 

Thursday 11th May: The Travelling Waverlies played a spot at the launch night for Travellers Way the new CD by Kenny Vass. The event took place in The Pleasance, which is the prestigeous home of The Edinburgh Folk Club and anyone who is anyone on the folk scene has played that venue so it meant a lot to us all to be up there on stage. I think it went well and we tried out some new material. We did manage to reduce the end of our spot to a slightly understated shambles by simply walking off the stage...with no-one taking responsibility for saying goodnight and thanks to the audience. That's the down side of democracy. I enjoyed the gig a lot and Kenny was in great form and I think he sold a good few CDs. Roll on the next one.

Monday 22nd May: As part of the EdRush Festival and under the banner heading of Foakie Doakies, The Travelling Waverlies, Andy Philip and Bernard Brogue played to a very small but appreciative audience at The Village in Leith. I wouldn't call this the best musical experience I have had and I would certainly have to think long and hard about doing it again but as is always the case with music and gigs...

...On Wednesday 24th May: As part of the EdRush Festival, Foakies joined forces with Nancy Somerville (of Shore Poets fame) under the same Foakie Doakies banner heading and it was an absolutely tremendous night. For that one night we (myself, Jane, Kathy Stewart, Karen Dietz, Bernard Brogue and Mark Barnett) performed as “Tom Fairnie & the Snakes”. The whole event was superb and cheered me up no end. Plus, after my awful experiences with various people on the Monday evening, it also helped restore my faith in voodoo.

Saturday June 10th: Loanhead Music Festival. I'll be hosting the workshop on songwriting. I did it last year and I really enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to doing it again with new songs and some new tips. The time is still to be arranged but I suspect it will be pretty early in the day.