From the recording As Eden Lay In Darkness

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A song about loyalty.

I wrote this song in 2003 but never felt totally comfortable with it. I remember asking the late Bryan Begg if he would help me re-write or modify the melody but he said that it didn’t need it. It took me to hear Jane singing the bridge to realise why it hadn’t worked before. It needed a female voice to carry the fragile nature of the fear we all have that someone we love might just fly away. I would like to dedicate it to Bryan whom we lost far too soon.

Vocal: Tom Fairnie
Harmony vocal: Jane Fairnie, Karen Dietz
Guitar: Tom Fairnie
2nd Guitar: Mark Barnett
Bass: Ken Kennedy
Mandolin: Andrew Taylor
Slide Guitar & Dobro: Bruce Hogg


Will You Fly Away?

I saw a raven turn to robin
Drawing blood upon her breast
Now the raven she’s a fine bird
But the robin is the best
Some birds they will fly away
I hate to see them go
But the robin she just stays around
Through the winter rain and snow
Will you fly away?
Will you go?

Some friends will stand by loyally
Some will turn their back
Some will share the same blood
And spill it on the track
A true friend will be there
In the deepest night
To guide you through the darkness
To the morning’s shallow light
Will you fly away?
Will you go?

With night is black as raven
Will you draw me near
Or in the morning cut me
As the darkness disappears?
Will you go in the Autumn
Fly with all the rest
Or will you lie beside me
A robin by my breast?

Some folks choose to stand apart
And set themselves at kin
Comforted by tarnished pride
They’d make a virtue out of sin
Flesh and blood are weakest
Still you can’t fly free
You can pick the bones of friendship
But you’re bound by family
Will you fly away?
Will you go?

© Will You Fly Away? music by Tom Fairnie, words by Tom Fairnie & Bob Shields 27th March 2003

Sharing blackcurrant tea
And spirited coffee,
Reading poems
And tarot cards,
He falls
And knows he’s falling.
Railway stations
And “Fire and Rain”
Spell it out
As if goodbye is only
Rum and disappointment.
And she sleeps on
Her journey
At least as well as he does,
Recalling a kiss,
A touch, or a
Shared taste, so sweet.

Sweet Sorrow © Bob Shields