From the recording As Eden Lay In Darkness

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A song about the promise that independence holds. It is also about how music and poetry sustains us through dark times.

Vocal: Tom Fairnie
Harmony vocal: Jane Fairnie, Karen Dietz
Guitar: Tom Fairnie
2nd Guitar: Bernard Brogue
Violins:, Mhairi Macdonald & Emily Peppers
Harp: Mo Hunter
Keyboard: Killian Playthell-Steele
Percussion: Robin Brill
Bass: Ken Kennedy
Slide Guitar & Dobro: Bruce Hogg


Welcome The Morn

When we leave aw oor rovin’
Still oor wand’rin’ ways
Wi’ every thrawn road and loanin
Lost abin the braes
Then doon fa’ tae sleeping
An’ dream o’er the linn
O’ the burn that flowed free there
An’ aw the lang days sin’

Though it may snaw in the forest
Tae crown the hawthorn
Bluebells will floo’er
Whether we’re here or gone
An’ wae night birds trillin’
Frae dusk tae dawn
Tae welcome the morn

But we fell in wi’ tinkers
Guid chanters, blaw an’ bow
Tae play reels an’ slippit jigs
'til the auld cock crow
Wi’ fine airs and verses
Coorse couplets and quatrains
Writ in lo’e o’ this nation
Its faithers and its weans

Though it may snaw in the forest…

For noo a day is dawnin’
When lions will arise
Fae deep slumber wrapt warm
In weary lullabies
Tae send rogues and reivers
Fairin’ for their lives
Skippin’ oor the siller hem
Tae merry English wives

Though it may snaw in the forest …

© Welcome The Morn words and music by Tom Fairnie 2nd December 2007

And a child at the nipple of this union
Hears nothing but the earthbound seed,
Hears no apology
To tempt the thrush,
To turn the slow worm,
Or persuade the dragonfly towards her.
And the freedom kissed thistledown
Teases abandoned nests among the hedgerows,
Until the sun
Tears bloodthirsty claws through pale Spring
And leaves her in this thorny chamber.

Poem For Yesterday © Bob Shields