From the recording Banishment

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An engineer's precision view of a relationship.

Vocal: Tom Fairnie
Harmony vocal: Jane Fairnie, Karen Dietz
Guitar: Tom Fairnie
Lead Guitar: Alan Brand


Approaching Horizontal

We’re still inside this bar room
And it’s almost opening time
We’ve drunk up all the good stuff
Now we’re on to the Ripple Wine
The other guys have fallen
They’re drinking off the floor
I think that I’m still standing
Guess I can drink some more

But I’m approaching horizontal
Where lines are always true
Remembering tangential
To every curve of you
Seeing through this bottle clearly
Half way to Kalamazoo
Just give me one more glass of nearly
Getting over you

It was July twenty seven
And it was in the afternoon
I was planning my escape route
But I’m escaping no time soon
I ain’t looking for a pardon,
A princess or a whore
I’m just looking for Tequila
‘til I just can’t drink no more

‘cause I’m approaching horizontal…

There ain’t no bar can hold me
But this one holds me close
It’s the one where I first met you
The one I love the most
Where we used to drink together
Gold Rum and Piat d’Or
But that mix turned melancholy
Now I just can’t drink no more

‘cause I’m approaching horizontal…

It would take a thousand cups of coffee
To help me walk the line
And meet you on the corner
Of Heartbreak and cold Vine
Where the old stars wait and wonder
If there’s a bar on heaven’s door
But I know that time’s long over
Now I just can’t drink no more

‘cause I’m approaching horizontal…

© Approaching Horizontal music by Tom Fairnie; words by Bob Shields and Tom Fairnie 25th July 2010

And the fire burns blue
As if to cover
All the other colours’ embarrassment
In a blush of indigo
And before she knew
She was looking
At someone who had been an optimist
A long, long time ago
And she recognized
In that smile
Of almost negligible resistance
A certain dishonesty
So she unlocked his disguise
With the promise
Of champagne behind her teeth
And dissolved the key.

Kiss Me Kate © Bob Shields