1. Runaway Blues

From the recordings Banishment and Hard To Find

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Vocal: Tom Fairnie
Harmony vocal: Jane Fairnie, Karen Dietz
Guitar: Tom Fairnie
Percussion: Robin Brill
Bass: Ken Kennedy
Mandolin: Andrew Taylor
Banjo: Andrew Taylor
Slide Guitar & Dobro: Bruce Hogg


Runaway Blues

It was down in Lynchburg Tennessee
There was Jack, her and me
Stole a rental pick-up truck
Just to see, the deserts of Nevada
Times don’t get much harder
In San Juan, New Mexico
At the all-night Last Picture Show
Two runaways make a name
That grows, into Barrow and Parker
Life don’t get much darker

We got the blues baby
We got the blues baby
We got them runaway blues
We got the blues baby
We got the blues baby
We got them runaway blues

There’s a dead man in Montgomery
If he’d only listened to me
He’d still have his liquor store
And we’d walk, the streets of Alabama
Now that don’t matter
‘cause in Arkansas that line was crossed
It was Little Rock and we were lost
The dollars trailed in blood and tears
The cost, of being most wanted
America’s most wanted

We got the blues baby…

Turned back to where we used to be
Traded that truck in Tennessee
Got a ’98 Dodge and a bullet for free
From an old, Angel Town moonshiner
In back of Black Jack’s Diner
We were on the lam, set to kill
From Antioch to Andersonville
And on that road they speak of us still
Warning, sons and daughters
Run away like water

We got the blues baby…

© Runaway Blues music by Tom Fairnie, words by Tom Fairnie & Bob Shields 30th May 2007

I’d lay silent verses upon your breast
And plait rhymes all through your hair.
But I suppose I always understood
The blood behind the kiss
And that all the explanations were leading to this -
That nobody ever said that life would be fair.

Independence Day- Thanksgiving poem © Bob Shields