1. This Town

From the recording Still Unbroken

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A song about small town America and how it has given us so many great songwriters.


This Town

There’s a long road winding through this town
And a Heartbreak Hotel
A bar full to the brim with sad clowns
And someone going through hell
There’s a plane was lost flying over this town
And in a chapel with a deck of cards
There’s a girl’s crying her ebony eyes out
For someone bleeding in the dust

But there’s a dream in this town
It’s got a heart, a whole heart full of soul
Just one way out of this town
And it’s called rock and roll
Rock and roll

There’s a red river running right through this town
Into a sea of tears
Hearts get left at the lost and found
Among the souvenirs
A junkyard full of angels singing in this town
Peggy Sue and sweet Marie
Where Cadillacs are never going to break down
And roads are forever free

But there’s a dream in this town…

© This Town words & music by Thomas Yule Fairnie 7th March 2004