1. Paid In Full

From the recording Still Unbroken

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A song inspired by seeing US military veterans begging. A direct result of the neo-liberal economics we have endured since Thatcher and Reagan.


Paid In Full

He was wondering about his day
A shadow on a great landscape
He’d never seen the light that way
Like it was trying to escape
Saw the crescent shape the moon
He saw the lightning on the lake
A river bend toward the dawn
And he heard the thunder break, thunder break

He was trying to find something to blame
A broken rail or a runaway train
But empty pockets are all the same
Dust and memories remain
He was a stranger almost gone
Walking down a righteous path
They cheated him and they ain’t done
No, they ain’t done by half, done by half

If it all came down to rust
Maybe he would close his eyes
Remembering the host
That was nothing but their lies
He’s been a fool just wasting time
Breaking bread and drinking wine
He’s been a fool just wasting time
Breaking bread and drinking wine

Wandering with no place to stay
He was begging by the highway
Will work for food or half pay
Some days an honest man will stray
They kept him hungry to his soul
The prophets lied for heaven’s sake
A silent plea and that was all
Silent as that thunder break, thunder break

Resting where he had no name
No flowers waiting for the rain
No more debts and no more pain
He was getting ready to live again
He’d saved the pennies for his fare
He’s in the footsteps of the fool
It only amounted to his share
But now he’s paid in full, paid in full

If it all came down to rust…

…Breaking bread and drinking wine

© Paid In Full music by Thomas Yule Fairnie, Words by Thomas Yule Fairnie & Robert McGregor Shields