From the recording Still Unbroken

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An existentialist view of life. You are exactly where you want to be.


Broken By Myself

You know when the moon is yellow
Not blue, like it can sometimes be
Not grey, like it is tonight
When it washed all over me
You know when the road gets narrow
Not wide like it used to be
And you’ve got no more ways to go down
Just a door without a key

I’ve been broken, I’ve been blind
Been outspoken, I’ve been unkind
I’ve been angry, and I have wept
Been told secrets I should’ve kept
I’ve been driven, I’ve been cruel
Been a lover, and I’ve been a fool
I’ve been held, I’ve been judged
I have tried but not hard enough
I’ve been silent, when I should have spoken
Been mute witness to the chimney smoke
And stood aside, when I should have held
I’ve been broken, broken by myself

You know when the stars are shining
Still not lost to a cold universe
You know that they’re just fading away
The word is becoming a curse
You know I don’t want to leave you
Though I have a cruel place to go
I just want to stay in your warm, loving arms
Forget about the winter snow

I’ve been selfish, I’ve been maligned
I’ve been gentle, had peace of mind
I’ve been faithful, and I’ve been true
Tied some bonds I wouldn’t undo
Been a friend and a confidante
Felt at ease; been nonchalant
I’ve been tempted and I’ve been denied
Told the truth when I should have lied
Been as good as I could be
I’ve been humbled by our humanity
I’ve been sincere and I’ve been compelled
I’ve been broken, broken by myself

© Broken By Myself; music & words by Tom Fairnie 11th April 2022