1. The Rainbow

From the recording Still Dreaming

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A song about friends that celebrates their variety. Inspired and co-written by Tina Möller.


The Rainbow

Our lives are filled with colours, dark shadows, misty blue
But our friends are like rainbows, their light shines bright and true
The ones we keep forever colour everything we do
They are loyal and caring, giving and sharing
And they are always there for you
And they are always there for you

If people were like colours would we trust the ones we know
Or treasure every painting and watch the sunflowers glow
But colour upon colour makes every shadow grow
Oil and darkness, ink black and heartless
The moonlight's cold halo
The moonlight's cold halo

But when we see the rainbow, an arc of light and air
The meadow flowers blooming bright petals everywhere
Our friends all around us, a ring for us to wear
Weathered and wild, light reconciled
Friends to really care
We are friends to really care
And there are colours everywhere

© The Rainbow words and music by Tom Fairnie & Tina Möller Oct 2022