From the recording Still Dreaming

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A song about the disaster of leaving the EU. The insanity of the UK deciding to leave the single most successful peace initiative in history and one of the largest trading blocks in the world in order to appease a few squalid individuals. Scotland voted to remain.


England In Winter

Did you ever travel through England in winter
When the icy mist is freezing in the air
Where the wild North-East wind is blowing
And grey is the colour of everywhere
Along the road we try to read their faces
It's not easy to see beyond a sheltered mind
Bitter winds are finding forlorn places
Travelling through England in winter time

The distance between real friends is only ever close
Miles are for maps and the footprints of ghosts
We cherish the grip of winter for we know it holds the Spring
And we cherish the Spring for it holds everything

Did you ever cross the icy river Tyne
It was Newcastle back in '71
We loved to go down to the waterline
But is she still sister to my hometown?

Well we used to be in London and in Brighton
We walked the coast of Cornwall and of Wales
Those paths in memory were always welcome
But now those fond lights are grown pale

The North climbs away from us like a fading memory
Forgetting that there's another North, true and free
It reaches for us like Spring, with a promise and a song
We take its hand of friendship, knowing we belong

Tell me who sent England into prolonged winter
And why did they bar the open door?
Tell me what made them turn us all into strangers
And are we really welcome any more

Finally we reach the Lammermuir Hills
A familiar Jackie Leven song on my mind
Where Scotland's warm heart is beating still
It feels good to find your friends in winter time

Beyond Winter's withering winds the far North sends
Songs that hold memories and the history of friends
In words, rivers, moorland, fire and sea
In wisdom, cobbles, forests; a map made from melody

© England In Winter words and music: Klaus Adamaschek & Tom Fairnie Guttelsburg /Verteuil, April/May 2023