1. Just A Dream

From the recording Still Dreaming

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When dreams become realities; playing a radio show in Glasgow, a concert in Prestonpans, recording in Austin or returning to a home that is everything.


Just A Dream

I had a dream I was riding the train to Glasgow
Love and close friends by my side
We played a radio show in Glasgow
Then we gathered in the warm bar light
I had a dream we were singing in an old church
In a harbour town on a winter’s night
We sang the roof off that old church
Then a harp or two and a song goodnight

Was it just a dream
Was it just a dream
Was it all it seemed or just a dream
But dreams can’t fill the hunger
In your soul if you hold them at the door
And you know you will lose them
If you don’t use them anymore
Oh, Oh anymore
Oh, Oh anymore

I had a dream I woke to the thunder in Austin
Friends and music carried me there
The pickers n’ players sparked in Austin
And there was lightning in the air

I had a dream we were living in a castle
Between the river and the railroad track
Peace and freedom in that castle
Makes leaving feel as good as coming back

Was it just a dream…
Was it just a dream…

© Just A Dream Words & music by Klaus Adamaschek & Tom Fairnie / Guttelsburg, March 2023