1. Companions

From the recording Companions

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A song for the oppressed, the vulnerable and those who suffer because of abuses of power.



If you are tired and frightened
A child in an angry world
Someone hears you crying
No one goes unheard
And if you are cold and hungry
Abandoned to the street
In the dust and the dirt there
Too scared to fall asleep

I will be your companion
I will be your friend
I will walk the last mile with you
I will hold your hand

If they are coming for you
And you feel that ancient fear
I pray that there is mercy
And mercy may be there
If you are lost and homeless
Without a land, a refugee
I will give you shelter
There’s a shelter here with me

And I will be your companion…

If you should become a prisoner
In a place where justice died
Hold tight to the truth
The world knows who lied
And if your heart should grow weary
And your voice be made still
I will speak for you
And a thousand others will

And we will be your companions…

To be blamed and forsaken
To walk that empty road
To beg and be passed by
To have that pain ignored
To be grateful for small mercies
To be called by your name
To be acknowledged as a person
To stand up without shame

And we will be your companions…

© Companions words & music by Thomas Yule Fairnie July 2001