From the recording Hard To Find

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A song that contrasts old world mores with new world sensibilities. It has a nod to Shakespeare as well as Andy Warhol.


Sonoma And Sistine

I got a letter from foreign parts
I broke a few Italian hearts
I recall a night in old Verona
But that’s a long way from California

She liked Madonna Del Rosario
I’d rather have Marilyn Monroe
When I saw her for the very first time
I didn’t think twice but to make her mine

And I couldn’t let her know
That I’d have to let her go
There was someone I’d left behind
I’ve been torn between
Sonoma and Sistine
Between a lover and a little peace of mind

In the Chapel of the Sacred Heart
I was walking through Renaissance art
Might have been a Caravaggio
Or something by Leonardo

Did you ever burn a lover’s notes?
For fear of lace and petticoats
I’m wise enough to know that I’ve been cruel
Read enough to know that love’s made me a fool

And I couldn’t let her know…

And I couldn’t let her know…

© Sonoma And Sistine words and music by Tom Fairnie, Mark Barnett, Bob Shields & Jane Fairnie 22nd Sept 2007