1. Fall Alone

From the recording The Journeyman

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A song that uses poetic imagery to consider the many belief systems that consider the creator as female. It is essentially a song about the power of women.


Fall Alone

I think I might forget your name babe
If I could just recall a trace
Of the plan I misconceived babe
A memory without a face

In the footsteps of our parting
And in the silence of our lies
Broken sand maps our footprints
Under the bruise of tortured skies

A stone can skip on the water
Water can wear down stone
You can cry as much as you want to
But your tears will always fall alone

And in the taste of spindrift darkness
Broken bones are blown ashore
To be shaped again by moonlight
Into the word that went before

I may never walk that shoreline
Pebble, stone, sand and reed
Do you remember the taste at all babe
Of a second birth and a salty seed

A stone can skip on the water…

Like the memory of an ocean
A distant maelstrom grinding sand
Turning me in that whirlwind
Into the dust of another man

Then I turned back towards town babe
So much smaller I recall
I heard the tide that was your heartbeat
In that midnight water fall

A stone can skip on the water…

© Fall Alone music by Thomas Yule Fairnie, words by Thomas Yule Fairnie & Robert McGregor Shields March 2002