1. Dust On Dust

From the recording The Journeyman

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This song started life as a poem; an attempt at a free association style of writing. I enjoyed the religious and sexual imagery.


Dust On Dust

In the corner of the graveyard
Where blind priests hide their wine
The coldest of the angels
Cries tears of turpentine
And gives a compass reading
Which no one will believe
They’ve got no faith in science
And all it can conceive

And in a corridor in the distance
Where the dirt lies in decay
It gathers and remembers
A dustbowl far away
And a wind that came from God’s mouth
And through a Preacher's eye
To where tables beat out double-deals
And beds creak to deny

And at the edge of every silence
Where the sea takes its last breath
In the moment of its stillness
You can hear the sound of death
But it's just an echo from the past
And Sinbad knew its name
It's curled inside your footprint
And it was whispered once in shame

And for every shard of glass
That cuts us to our bone
A stained and broken window
Leaves Sebastian on his own
With arrowheads and bleeding
Red dust across the floor
To a saint in silence meeting
With a blonde behind the door

And from her mouth to the cradle
And then across her breast
Her lover's making crosses
Their union has been blessed
Upon a bed of ashes
They’re lying in disgrace
Ashamed for eating apples
But exalted by the taste

But like some kind of circus
And like some kind of fool
The beast is being tamed
By a whip and by a stool
And then the world returns to ashes
The same as it always was
When no one dreamed that chaos
Was gonna be the cause

But if the order came for everyone
To draw that fatal breath
At the moment when the sea was still
And holding on to death
He was courting that cold angel
And kissing her white lips
Sebastian was drawing blood
With just his fingertips

And there would be a cloud of anger
To come and fill the void
A vacuum of disbelief
Conceived by Doctor Freud
And the case for uncertainty
Would be proved beyond a doubt
And Schrödinger’s little cat
Would finally be let out...yeah

© Dust On Dust words & music by Thomas Yule Fairnie 9thApril 2001