1. The Journeyman

From the recording The Journeyman

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A song about the historical figure of Jesus. I would leave the listener to make up their own mind but the song proposes a different interpretation of events.


The Journeyman

I’ve got no dreams and no descendants
I just am what I am
I’ve got no dependants
I’m a solitary man
And though I value my independence
I keep all the friends I can
‘Cause every single road’s a penance
To a journeyman

But Jesus was a working man
You try to do the best you can
And do something good as well
Drink a little wine sometimes
Go out with the guys
Spend some time in jail
Get a kiss and go to jail
Then you see the sky one night
You watch the stars collide
In the west, in the west
In the west, in the west

I’ve had friends that tried to love me
And lovers I’ve barely known
I’ve been familiar with plenty
Nearly been close to some
Oh but I envy you now baby
With your momma to keep you warm
On this cold and rainy highway
I just want my daddy to take me home

But Jesus was a working man...

That sky is black with thunder
And the thunder’s black as stone
This cathedral roof I’m under
Was built by a journeyman
All the way from over yonder
To the cold west and beyond
But if I fell at this altar
I know he’d take me home
But Jesus was a working man...

© The Journeyman words & music by Thomas Yule Fairnie August 2002