1. First To Last

From the recording birthmarked

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Romance; what can you say...that hasn't already been said.


First To Last

Time is a river
We’re all floating on
It takes us to the ocean
And beyond
Love is a raft
We once climbed upon
So long ago
It must be gone

But when I see you there
As close as we can get
It’s like yesterday
And we just met
But time won’t stand still
The river’s running yet
But love’s making sure
We won’t forget

When I look to the past
I can see it from first to last
It started with a glance
A smile and a dance
A touch, a kiss
And now it’s romance, romance

But only now, only now is the time
Now I finally see
All the time, we were making love
Love was making for the sea...

The hardest part of life
Is leaving it behind
But that’s just the way
Our lives are defined
And if the river runs
Long and deep and wide
We can look back
And thank it for the ride

And when I see you there...

© First To Last words & music by Thomas Yule Fairnie 2000