From the recordings Lightning In The Dark and Hard To Find

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Essentially a murder ballad but set to a cheerier tune. Merel described this one as a back porch song.


The Winter Of ‘72

They say the coldest winter
Was the winter of seventy two
And that was only half as cold
As the night I lost you
Big Lake was frozen over
With ice as deep as sin
Now sleeping there’s a maiden
And a cold; cold heart within

Well I traded gold for silver
And lost more than I gained
For avarice and fortune
Are seldom pre-ordained
Rings fell from your fingers
Like snow too soft to hold
Your smile grew ever colder
As a flake; a flake of gold

And all the boats in Portland Harbour
Were held there by the storm
You could burn White Mountain Forest
But you never would get warm
And the sea gave one last warning
Spread it far and wide
Said there’s a faithless girl in Portland
And I want her; I want her for my bride

The easy smile of summer
Lies tender on her lips
Pale as waves of moonlight
Riming silver ships
Her heart is frozen over
With sin as deep as ice
Sealed within a locket
Silent tears; winter cries

And all the boats in Portland Harbour...

© The Winter Of ‘72 music by Tom Fairnie, words by Tom Fairnie and Bob Shields 10th February 2014