From the recording Lightning In The Dark

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A fun song with as many blues references as I could manage in under two and a half minutes.


Lightning All Over Sunnyland

Robert Johnson at the crossroads
Howling Wolf is at the door
Muddy’s in the water
And John’s sleeping on the floor
Mississippi John is hurtin’
But he ain’t gonna’ hurt no more
Blind Lemon’s in
Doin’ what he did before

Gary Davies in the pulpit
Leadbelly’s on the lam
Preacher on the pavement
Looking like a prodigal son
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
Are down on the farm
Bessie’s wailin’
An high-tailin’
Never meaning no body no harm

Blind Willie’s down in Statesboro’
John Lee’s off the hook
Henry’s gone fly-fishing
W.C.Handy wrote that book
There’s Lighting all over Sunnyland
But it ain’t no fluke
The weather’s stormy
It’s blue Monday
Anywhere that you care to look

© Lightning All Over Sunnyland words & music by Tom Fairnie November 2001