From the recordings Lightning In The Dark and Hard To Find

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A song about the way we seek to justify and legislate for our base desires, like greed. It can be argued that all land is theft. The frontier spirit has been used as an excuse for so many wrongs.


Give Me The Good Times

I had a ring made from silver
I had a ring made from gold
The silver ring slipped from my finger
The other one got sold
Now I fight bare and I fight dirty
I fight my fair weather friends
I fight them all; ten a penny
Any man the Devil sends

Give me the good times
I’ll the take the bad times
Give me a woman; give me a gun
Give me just one silver bullet
I will show you how it’s done

You spend some time getting nowhere
You’re just movin’ dirt around
When you’re gone who’s gonna remember
None but the few friends that you found
You leave some blood; leave some money
Leave more friends than enemies
Before too long they’re gone with you
Takin’ all their memories

Give me the good times...

You can’t rise if you don’t show willin’
But you can make a house out of dirt
Every piece of land came from killin’
The sons of Cain inherit the earth
You can’t grow gold; can’t sow silver
A drop of rain is the only thing
You can’t hold water in your fingers
Slips away like a dime store ring

Give me the good times...

© Give Me The Good Times words & music by Tom Fairnie 13th July 2014