From the recordings Lightning In The Dark and Hard To Find

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A life badly lived but with no regrets. This is not a good role model but I like the wildness in the character.


Lightning In The Dark

Build my gallows an’ build them high
Makes a long time climbing before I die
I want the chance to stare in his eye
They gave me bars but I can see between
To a dusty yard and a long gone green
They call that freedom, if you know what I mean

I’d drown my sorrows but the whisky’s gone
I’m sober as a judge, baked as a bone
On a dry county line that I pledged upon
Where they trailed me down when I broke free
I’d drank all the whisky in Tennessee
I don’t drink water, no, you know what I mean

I mean an empty chamber and a foolish heart
There’s more than one way to break apart
There are endings here, don’t know where to start
I spent my time looking for a spark
An’ finding a lady when I was lost
But I burned those bridges before I crossed
I paid the price and made my mark
But all I got was lightning in the dark

I was dressed to kill so the story goes
I lost a hand, won a dead man’s clothes
I got the finest shoes walking on Death Row
It’s a gambler’s vice that only losers see
I called him blind but the Devil saw me
So I called him out, oh you know what I mean

She’s a dancehall diamond built to lie
A rumour spread in another man’s eye
She was the reason that he was glad to die
And just for good measure I set her free
A judgement and a sentence fell on me
I’ll see them both in Hell, you know what I mean

I mean an empty chamber and a foolish heart...

© Lightning In The Dark music by Tom Fairnie, words by Bob Shields & Tom Fairnie 27th March 2017