1. If You Go West

From the recording Lightning In The Dark

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A song about how we are often confronted by events that can never be completely resolved.


If You Go West

If you go west; I go west
Into the wild wilderness
Through the rain
And the driving snow
White as the ghosts
Of Idaho
If you go west

All my days; precious days
Lost in lonesome hideaways
Dirt road maps
And gilded plans
Are encompassed
By the sands
Of all my days

I would hold you in my arms
I would hold you ‘til I died
Yes, I would hold you I my arms
But I would hold you
Must have lied
Or false prophets testified
In the west

Fallen leaves; when I leave
Covers every trace of her ‘n’ me
But words don’t weigh
The way some things do
And one don’t hardly count
Lest you get to two
Fallen leaves

I would hold you in my arms…

If you go west…

© If You Go West music by Tom Fairnie, words by Tom Fairnie & Bob Shields 10th July 2011