From the recording Lightning In The Dark

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This track is, for me, the very essence of Celticana. It should leave you with a smile on your face, a melody in your ear and a thought or two about love.


Isn’t That The Way?

All your daughters and all your sons
And all their darlin’ little ones
All the loving there’s ever gonna be
Has to come from you and come from me
Isn’t that just the way?
What’s that you say?
Isn’t that the way?

If life’s a riddle then love’s a rhyme
You get stuck in the middle and out of time
It’s a lazy journey from cradle to bed
Life is just where you lay your head
Isn’t that just the way?…

Through all our sins
And all of our pride
Where life begins
Love will survive

Every dollar and every cent
All your money and passion spent
Same old blood and the same old fires
Gone on the same old heart’s desires
Isn’t that just the way?…

It’s a turning tide or a broken voice
The pink or blue of Hobson’s choice
The girls and the boys and the in-betweens
Makes no matter to love it seems
Isn’t that just the way?…

© Isn’t That The Way? music by Tom Fairnie, words by Tom Fairnie & Bob Shields 17th August 2006