I have now taken a back seat in the organisation of Foakies but it is thriving under the watchful and expert care of Mark Barnett with support from Stephen Harrison and Simon Kempston.

Foakies is an evening devoted to singer songwriters and poets performing their own original songs and writing. It takes place on the first Monday of every month (except  August and January) in the downstairs lounge of The Royal Oak  at 1 Infirmary Street in Edinburgh. We charge £5 entry, which is really a method of restricting the crowd to those who seriously want to listen and also so that we can give something to the main performer and in order to pay for publicity and a website.

 Foakies came from an event called the Songwriters Showcase, which Martin Boland and I organised with a lot of help from Mark Barnett. It ran for 73 consecutive evenings and it was a real challenge. It almost seemed to take over our lives and I think I can say that in many ways we were glad when it ended although it did give us some fantastic evenings. However, Mark was keen to keep the momentum going, which is why he and I decided to start Foakies. 
 It has, at times, been absolutely magical and it has never been less than a great evening. We've had a wealth of talent at Foakies and, after a couple of years out, we are back with the help of fellow songwriter, Simon Kempston. It was really at Simon's insistance that we try and kick start Foakies again and so we're giving it another go.

 I intend to put all the posters and all of my somewhat notorious Foakies emails on this site as soon as I can.

Coming up at Foakies

Updated 9th April 2012

We're very proud that Foakies is hosting a Ceilidh Culture event this month. On 9th April Tom Fairnie, Simon Kempston and Mark Barnett will be playing at The Royal Oak from 8.30pm. Info can be found on

We're still lining up main acts, support acts and poetry spots for future Foakies so if you fancy playing to a small but select audience for tu'pence (main act) or even nowt (everyone else) and having a great time then get in touch with me through my Contact page on this website.

Foak who have Foaked

Here's an unfinished list of some of the performers who have appeared at Foakies and it's predecessor The Songwriter Showcase...

The Travelling Waverlies, Tom Clelland, David Ferrard, Nick Allmark, Martin Stephenson, Donald Buick, Martin Boland, Kenny Vass, Arthur Wilson, Ken Kennedy & Kathy Stewart, Gill Reid & Audrey Hunter, Bernard Brogue, Sara Kamin, Andi Neate, Chris Rogers, Peter Nardini, Robin Laing, Taxicab, Michelle Hughes, Mark Barnett, Tom Fairnie, Gavin Inglis, Nancy Somerville, Steven Harvey, Ash Dickinson, Irene Brown, Jane McKie, Mark Rafferty and Andrea Tomlinson, Rob Cairns, Mike Dillon, Rachel Dawick, Paul Simon (alright, it may have been a lookie likie).